Core Services

SRM is committed to supporting those who serve America – delivering reliable and professional service on every project. Irrespective of scale, SRM is strategic in our approach, responsive to customer needs, and mission-driven.

Housing Management

Navigating the complexities of housing management demands a holistic approach tailored to diverse needs. Our dedicated service ensures seamless operations, encompassing everything from facility oversight to comprehensive personnel support, setting the industry standard for excellence.

Services Include:

  • Manage transient and dormitory housing facilities with integrated scheduling to match operational requirements
  • Oversee large-scale housing, ensuring smooth operations for personnel transitions, including luggage handling
  • Asset and equipment control, emphasizing federal standards in housing management, inventory, and real property oversight
  • Direct all services ranging from front desk, housekeeping, transportation, janitorial, maintenance, to both controlled & uncontrolled asset management
  • Capital improvement and real property management
  • Comprehensive personnel support for all tasks, with capabilities of handling 400-600 turnovers daily


Facilities management is a pivotal domain, ensuring every facet of a property operates at its peak. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive strategy, from systems management and utility upkeep to ensuring grounds and infrastructure remain impeccable, promising a seamless, efficient environment for all.

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive systems management and utilities servicing, including repairs
  • Maintaining and enhancing grounds
  • Proven track record of effectively coordinating with vendors
  • Comprehensive systems management and efficient utilities servicing, including repairs, ensuring uninterrupted operations
  • Advanced pest control solutions
  • Ensure building functionality and managing all tangible property, complemented by rigorous inventory management practices
  • Infrastructure and facility management, with an emphasis on utility and overarching infrastructure upkeep


Intermodal Logistics & Transportation stands as the backbone of streamlined and efficient movement, integrating diverse modes and methods for optimum results. We expertly manage everything from varied transportation methodologies to the intricate nuances of procurement and asset management, delivering unparalleled service across the spectrum.

Services Include:

  • Wide array of transportation methodologies including maritime operations, rail logistics, over-the-road trucking, less-than-truckload (LTL) services, and dedicated air carrier solutions, ensuring seamless integration of varied transportation needs
  • Movement and transportation framework expertise, adept at managing both personnel and product transfers
  • Procurement lifecycle capabilities including sourcing, streamlined delivery, and expert installation
  • End-to-end solutions in Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) disposition services, ensuring optimal asset management and resource allocation
  • Management of controlled assets including high-value equipment, diverse product ranges, and furniture



561210 Facilities Support Services
561720 Janitorial Services
561599 All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
561990 All Other Support Services
562991 Septic Tank and Related Services
562910 Remediation Services



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